Import & Export Businesses

All-Can Pro Logistics recognizes the significance of the broad scope of goods moving into this country to supply Canadians with the things they need.

Supplying Goods to Canada

When we refer to Import Export Business we mean the Canadian companies that are importing products into Canada and U.S. and  other global companies that are exporting goods to Canada.   All-Can’s expertise is in managing the distribution of those products once they get here.

International Manufacturers

An inventory presence in Canada can help with your sales by improving your reliability of supply and reducing delivery time to your Canadian customers.   With All-Can Pro Logistics as your hub for distribution in Canada, you can increase the efficiency of your supply chain.

The Best Location

Our locations are central to Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa (three largest populous areas) putting your products within same-business-day reach of more than half of Canada’s people .  We are also just north of New York State and served by the Ivy Lee Bridge border crossing to US Interstate 81.  Our rates are most often less than those charged in the metropolitan cities.

No matter which entry point you use for your products, Port of Vancouver, Port of Montreal or Port of New York, consolidating your inventory between Toronto and Montreal offers real distribution advantages.  U.S. based companies (especially those located in the eastern United States) will benefit with All-Can Pro Logistics as your Canadian distribution partner.

Canadian-Based Companies

For Import companies located in Canada or for Canadian companies that have their products manufactured off shore, we are the best 3PL solution for your distribution and fulfillment requirements. Consider this scenario:

The Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) is the largest purchaser of alcoholic beverages in the world. The LCBO has several distribution centers located throughout Ontario, including one in Ottawa.  For several years All-Can Pro Logistics supplemented the Ottawa LCBO center by receiving, storing and distributing a large portion of their imported, beers, wines and spirits. This is a perfect example of a Canadian importer of offshore products augmenting their existing distribution and fulfillment system.

The All-Can Advantage

Location, economy and years of experience.  All-Can Pro Logistics is uniquely qualified to be your partner in supply chain management for your products bound for Canada.

Questions? Call us.

We’re here to help. If you’d like to discuss a custom solution, or have any questions about how we can get your goods to their final destination, contact one of our 3PL specialists today.

Peter Hill Manager, Customer Relationships

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