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All-Can Pro Logistics can satisfy the supply chain requirements for your retail operations cost effectively and efficiently in Canada’s most populous region. Whether your company is a vendor to a mass retailer, a franchise structure with multiple locations in Canada, a multi store operation, an on-line retailer or any other form of retail; All-Can Pro Logistics can solve your supply chain needs.

The Highest Quality at the Lowest Price

Successful retailers must offer the highest quality goods at the lowest price possible (the value proposition balance) to ensure their offering is the one chosen by the consumer. The retailer that controls its costs and improves its efficiency will have a competitive advantage in pricing.

Effective retail supply chain management is key to managing costs and enhancing your competitiveness.   All-Can Pro Logistics can be an integral part of your value proposition balance and ultimately, help you get your goods into the hands of the individual consumer.

The Most Densely Populated Region of Canada

When you on-board your products with All-Can Pro Logistics you can quickly and conveniently supply the two most populous provinces in Canada and three of Canada’s largest cities.  This is the most densely populated region of Canada, with Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa all within a 3 hour drive.  We can put your goods where they need to be with storage and handling pricing that is typically 20 to 30 percent less than the metropolitan locations.

A Single Centralized Distribution Point

We also believe that a single, centralized distribution point, rather than multiple locations provides savings in inventory management, product movements and other efficiencies that consolidation and centralization can offer.

We use state of the art processing and information systems to complete the standard receiving, sortation, put away and storage functions.  This same system communicates your outbound orders to the floor for picking and generates bills of lading, packing slips, etc. per your instructions. You can track your inventory transactions through our WMS portal and we can help you monitor your efficiency with custom reporting and metrics.  Consolidating with All-Can as your 3PL partner means all of your goods are reflected in one system.

Product Return Services

In retail, returns are a big part of the business. Why not have a central returns processing center that can deal with product returns in a consolidated environment. Our WMS system contains a specialized returns module to facilitate this part of your business.

Wholesale to the Canadian Retail Market

Whether you are a Canadian company or a foreign wholesaler to the Canadian market, we can help you distribute to established retail chains.  Mass retailers and big-box chains set very demanding requirements for vendors who wish to do business with them.  For example, they may require products to be pre-labelled to their specifications, arrive packaged in pre-determined quantities or palletized in a particular manner.  Small or specialty retail chains for items like sporting goods, office supplies, electronics, etc. can place similarly complex demands on their suppliers.

We can do this value added work for you. For example, if your products require special labelling, tagging or packaging for a particular market, we can get these tasks done for you before shipment to your customers.  We will provide a centralized location for your inventory and the flexible services you need to satisfy the unique specifications of multiple retailers.

Summarizing the All-Can Advantage

Bricks and mortar or virtual store, the services All-Can Pro Logistics provide are an exceptionally good match for all types of retailers vendors to retailers and other partners to retailers in Canada:

  1. Close proximity to most of Canada’s population. Almost 60% of Canada’s people live in Ontario and Quebec.  About half of the 60% are within 3 hours of All-Can’s warehouse locations. Location!  Location!  Location!
  2. Close proximity to the Mass Retailer Distribution Centers. Wal-Mart, Target, Shopper’s Drug Mart, Canadian Tire and many others have their main distribution centres within 3 hours east or west of us.
  3. The technology and infrastructure to partner effectively with specialty retail chains. All-Can Pro Logistics has invested heavily in a state-of-the-art WMS system that is capable of both traditional industrial 3PL work or sophisticated and complex order processing and fulfillment.
  4. The ability to be the complete warehousing and shipping department for a small B2C online Retailer.  When your online retail store outgrows your garage, it makes good financial sense to outsource your warehousing and shipping to a 3PL partner that already has the proven expertise and systems you need.  All-Can will allow you to devote your resources, time and attention to growing your business.
  5. The ability to tailor solutions specific to any of the above scenarios. We know all businesses have their own unique characteristics.  We are always willing to do our best to reflect your distinctive preferences and your business culture.  Your success is our success.


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