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We leverage our warehouse space with equipment and qualified labour resources to care for your product with consistent Quality Management Systems (QMS)



Determine handling requirements

Up front analysis is critical in our process so that we can understand the nature of your products. This allows us to allocate the right number of people and types of handling equipment to be ready to receive and care for your goods.

Personnel Fully Trained

All of our employees are fully trained in food grade GWP’s common to our industry. In addition, personnel will be fully trained on the
requirements for each of your products through our comprehensive Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) programs.

Variety of handling equipment

Only certified material handlers are permitted to operate All-Can’s counter balance fork trucks, reach trucks and order pickers. We optimize handling operations with clamps, slip-sheet attachments, booms etc. Complimenting this equipment are RF scanning and computer devices to record all work performed in WMS.


Unload any vehicle or sea container

Our material handlers are experienced in unloading any type of delivery vehicle. This is also the point at which the first product integrity inspections take place.

Full RF Integration to WMS

Our material handlers use RF scanning equipment which is integrated to our WMS.

Sortation upon Receiving:

Mixed products often require sortation followed by consolidation by product or SKU for proper storage.

Confirm BOL to Actual

All-Can maintains a system of blind receipt reporting by our floor workers to our Warehouse Management Systems Clerks (WMSC’s) who then verify the carrier’s BOL. This ensures independent verification of the actual receiving.

Inbound Quality Inspection

Once BOL has been confirmed, our material handlers will inspect for any damages that may have occurred during shipping. A more defined inspection process can be implemented if required to meet specific customer needs.

Product ID’s for information Mgmt

If after sortation and organization, products need additional identification applied, this can be built into your receiving processes.

Active Put-Away to locations

Our WMS can automatically select the most appropriate or pre-defined location to place each product in the warehouse. This is done through algorithms designed specifically to each customer. This supports and strengthens our GFSI initiatives.

Active On-Line Customer Interactions

All of our operations and warehouse management personnel are equipped with iPad’s or iPhone’s allowing us to give immediate feedback to customers visually by the use of FaceTime, device cameras or by SMS. Note: This requires customers to have a compatible device.


Pick order to client specifications.

We will accurately pick orders according to the SKU’s and quantities you specify

Connections to Customer OMS or store

By working with you to construct appropriate Application Program Interfaces (API’s) we have the ability to process your orders efficiently through automated electronic connections.

Pick by each, batch, wave or zone

Robust WMS programming allows us to pick SKU’s by many algorithmic driven methods, providing high levels of productivity, efficiency and accuracy.

Pack to specifications and for safe travel

All products will be packed to specification for safe transportation to its destination.

Custom document insertion

This can include packing slips, invoices, promotional materials, samples or any other insertions.

Shipping documents and labels

Our WMS can produce custom BOL’s or manifests while our versatile label making software can create any customized label from UCC-128’s through to price tags.


Your Carrier of Choice

We will ship goods using your carrier of choice.

Brokered on your behalf

With our regional knowledge of transportation providers, we can seek out and arrange transportation on your behalf.

Our trucks

We have our own fleet of trucks and can offer FTL services within the Windsor and Quebec City corridor.

Most Courier Services Supported

We can ship via most international courier services using the connectivity capabilities of our WMS system.

Canada Post

Similarly, our WMS system can provide connectivity to Canada Post.

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