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Team All-Can

The All-Can team is organized into three main functional groups. Each has a specialized capacity to serve the customer.

1.  The Customer Relationship Management Group (CRM)

Usually, this is the point of first contact with prospective clients. The CRM Group is led by the Manager of Customer Relationship Management & Quality Assurance and includes the Customer Relationships Representative and President. Together, they co-ordinate the development and growth of our relationships. This group first gets to know your needs, then translates those needs into a plan of action including pricing and defining the relationship in contract form. The CRM Team will always be the official and central point of contact between All-Can and its customers. You will get focused attention from a single point at All-Can to streamline and coordinate all business issues for a mutually successful outcome.

2. The Operations Group

These are the people that perform all of the activity based services at the warehouse floor level.  The Operational group will get to know your products first hand. They will receive, put away, and pick/pack/ship your products according to the criteria you establish with the WMS Team. They will also complete any intermediate processes that you might require.

3. The Warehouse Management Systems Group (WMSC’s)

Operating from the warehouse offices, the WMSC’s provide practical communication for the day-to-day processes related to your goods.  You will be dealing directly with them for things like submitting orders, providing shipping details or confirming inventory data. In addition, the WMSC Group operates our Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) platforms that maintain electronic inventory controls for your products.  With their systems knowledge,  all product transactions and activities are translated into digital information for perfect tracking and accountability.

In short,

  • You, the customer, are All-Can’s primary focus.
  • The CRM Group will be your main point of contact, communicating your business needs to Operations & WMS
  • All three groups interact with one another to ensure your continued satisfaction.

All-Can depicts its main Team Roles and Responsibilities in the following diagram.

  All-Can supports the three direct customer interactive groups above with our own strong IT contingent, a  human resources professional and fully qualified accounting and finance staff.  


Richard BelangerPresident

Richard is the third generation leader of this family enterprise.  A graduate of the University of Ottawa with over 30 years experience in the distribution center business, Richard has passion and excitement about supply chain solutions.  In addition to placing a focus on All-Can’s general management, Richard participates directly in the the Customer Relationship Management Team. Strong community service ethics are evident in his volunteer experiences with Rotary International, the United Way, Minor Hockey and chairing the board of the Regional Hospital Corporation. These have all provided important life experiences that he has incorporated into his leadership technique. Richard knows the balance between business and community success. His values of truth, honesty and integrity spill over into all relationships he has.

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Kathy LealManager, Customer Relationships & Quality Assurance

Kathy graduated from York University with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Psychology. Prior to joining the All-Can team, Kathy worked in the automotive industry in the logistics, materials management and quality assurance area for 18 years. After moving from the Durham Region to the Belleville area, Kathy joined the team at All-Can as the Manager of Customer Relationships and Quality Assurance. As the Manager of Customer Relationships, Kathy will get to know you and your company to ensure all of your customer requirements are met or exceeded.

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Tracey RushlowManager of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

After a few years of owning her own business in an entirely different industry, Tracey decided to make a career change and joined All-Can Pro Logistics. Tracey is a graduate of Loyalist College of Applied Arts and Technology in the Business Administration program. As the Manager of WMS, Tracey has responsibility of overseeing All-Can Pro Logistics collection of warehouse management software. This collection consists of two programs dedicated to the 3PL industry and another devoted strictly to the records management industry. Tracey also has the pleasure of supervising the WMS team and helping the WMSC’s; to give each of our customer’s a positive and productive experience. Tracey enjoys what most Canadians’ do, hockey in any form, especially watching her family play.

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Matt LeonardManager of Operations

Matt has more than 20 years of leadership experience in warehousing and third-party logistics, from the automotive industry to food distribution.

His background allows him to identify areas of improvement to processes and procedures, while maintaining clean and productive facilities.

Safety is always Matt’s priority, while ensuring his teams work efficiently to exceed customers expectations.

With a strong focus on people and relationships, Matt can engage customers and colleagues a like, in a professional manner to get the job done.

A positive work environment is the foundation for success, Matt builds strong relationships with all team members and customers.

Continuous improvements are a focal point and as a green belt in Lean manufacturing, Matt collaborates on improvements and encourages suggestions from colleagues, customers and staff.

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Gerry WaldramFinance and Accounting

Gerry is a CPA, CMA with over 20 years experience.  Gerry joined us in 1999.  Every company needs a financial scoring system to keep track of strengths and weaknesses.  Gerry oversees the accounting department and is responsible for all financial statements and specialized reports.  Gerry fosters an environment of continuous improvement in the development of financial information, all while maintaining high standards of integrity and financial control.

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