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Safe, secure storage starts with the integrity of the warehouse premises.


At All-Can we pay close attention to the maintenance of the structural elements including the roofs, walls and floors. The interiors are always kept in an orderly and sanitary condition. Door seals, dock levellers and racking are inspected regularly to ensure the safety of your products and our people.


Analyze product line

Each customer is different. We will study your unique requirements and designate storage spaces to match those needs.

Develop storage criteria

We offer bulk storage, racked storage, specific shelving options, temperature controlled/monitored, product segregation, configuration for velocity management, pick lane design and any other criteria needed to ensure safe and secure product storage.


Bulk Storage

With a strong commercial warehouse presence in Eastern Ontario, All-Can Pro Logistics has a history involving inventories for individual customers in the 15,000 to 20,000 pallet range.

Racked or Shelved Storage

Our facilities accommodate both racked and shelved storage positions.

Product Segregation

Our WMS is enabled for directed put-away to ensure appropriate segregation of your sensitive products, eliminating any cross-contamination possibilities or conflict with the other products.

Temperature Controlled Rooms

Our temperature controlled areas are divided into isolated rooms allowing us to store products according to their differing temperature requirements. All-Can’s temperature range of 0◦F-70◦F provides for dry ambient storage, refrigerated above freezing storage and frozen storage.

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We provide premium Canadian warehousing, fulfillment and distribution solutions that centrally position your inventory within easy reach of three of the most populous regions in Canada.

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