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Industrial, Farm, Home & Recreational Equipment Supply Chain

What do the manufacturers of backhoes and bulldozers have in common with the makers of motorcycles, grain harvesters and lawn trimmers? They all require efficient, cost-effective ways of satisfying their customers with new products, replacement parts and accessories.

Much like the automotive supply chain, heavy equipment and tractor companies distribute their products through dealerships, branch or franchise networks.

Repair and Service Parts

All-Can Pro Logistics has a history of managing the repair and service parts for large equipment in this supply chain category .  For example, we have taken care of fully assembled truck transmissions for General Motors Trucks.  In an interesting project for Bombardier, we managed a diverse inventory of parts from all over the world, fulfilling them to their plant for the construction of street cars for Toronto.

Machinery, Tools and Recreational

In addition to being adept with handling inventories of after-the-sale replacement parts,  All-Can Pro Logistics can handle smaller manufactured finished goods like  lawnmowers, chain saws, weed eaters, leaf blowers, power tools.  We also have experience working with crated snow mobiles, motorcycles, ATVs and watercraft.

Promotional Items

All of your promotional and branded items can be handled through All-Can Pro Logistics too.  It makes sense to store and fulfill orders of hats, T-Shirts, promotional hard goods to your dealers, franchisees or branch networks from the same source as your other inventory items.   We can do direct shipment to your customers if you wish. Our state of the art technology platforms and IT capabilities can be linked with your order entry systems to accommodate seamless order processing.

The Best Location

As with all of the other categories of business, one of the main advantages we offer is our location. We can easily provide service to both Ontario and Quebec and by extension the two largest metropolitan cities within 3 hours. Consolidating your products with All-Can Pro Logistics gives you easier management from one location which can translate into significant cost savings for you.

Questions? Call us.

We’re here to help. If you’d like to discuss a custom solution, or have any questions about how we can get your goods to their final destination, contact one of our 3PL specialists today.


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