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The Best Location & Rates, A Reliable and Experienced Team with a Rural Work Ethic, and Full Logistics Business Infrastructure In Place and Ready To Go.

We provide premium Canadian warehousing, fulfillment and distribution solutions that centralize your inventory within easy reach of three of the most populous regions in Canada.


Centrally located between Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa, we are the best place to locate your inventories. A single, consolidated location that serves all of your markets provides a more efficient solution than storing goods in multiple cities.

Cost Effective

Metropolitan urban areas all around the world are becoming increasingly expensive in real dollars.  They also entail the soft theoretical costs associated with congestion, workforce reliability and other issues.  We know that the cost of real estate where our distribution facilities are located can be significantly lower than the costs in large cities.

IT Integration

Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) technology is second to none. We selected our WMS platform after seeing how well it handled fulfillment for    We support this WMS solution with full EDI capability and courier based shipping software. Our state of the art label making software will support any mass retailer, Canadian content or other compliance requirements.


We pride ourselves in our creativity and avoid rigid business processes that discourage flexibility.  We will adapt our processes to suit your business requirements. We also realize that sometimes day-to-day things don’t always go according to plan so we will do our best to adjust for last minute changes or traffic delays.  We want everyone in your supply chain solution to feel accommodated by our small town way of doing things.

Let All-Can streamline your B2A, B2B or B2C Relationships

with cost-effective solutions for multi-channel retailers, manufacturers and distributors.

Dealership, Branch, Franchise & other Associate Networks

B2A (Business to Associates) supply chains find efficiency in centralized distribution of products and materials to their multiple associated sites in Canada. Some examples would be supplying parts or accessories to automobile, farm equipment or marine dealerships;  distributing branded items and supplies to franchise operations; supplying industrial products to branch networks .  If this is your business model, All-can is your best solution.


Distribution Support to the Retail Industry

Many companies rely on B2B (Business to Business) relationships with other retail organizations to get their products to market. Several mass retailers have located main distribution centers in the same geographical region as All-Can Pro Logistics. Choosing All-Can will give you the advantage of staging your products close to their final destination (the mass retailer).  We can perform other value-added compliance functions prior to final shipment, such as custom labeling, packaging or shipment configuration. If your products are destined for several different mass retailers, we can conform to each of their special requirements.


Manufacturing and Food Supply Chain Solutions

This type of B2B relationship is where it all began for All-Can Pro Logistics in the 3PL industry. We have taken care of very large traditional inventories, some as large as 20,000 pallets at a time for a single customer.  We comply with stringent GWP and GFSI to ensure quality storage and handling at food-grade standards for all our customers. If you are a manufacturer, food producer or  a raw material supplier to manufacturers in Eastern Canada, consider All‑Can as your trusted partner.


Direct to Consumers (B2C)

Perhaps you’ve chosen to deal directly with your end customers through your own e-store or through a conduit store such as Amazon.  All-Can ships every day for B2C clients who have recognized the business benefits of outsourcing their warehousing, shipping and fulfillment functions. We have the systems and expertise to work with your e-commerce platform to complete your direct to consumer transactions.  If you are big or small we are your gateway to Canada’s largest markets.


The Strongest Link in Your Canadian Supply Chain

6 Steps: How we get your products to their final destination.


We make sure we understand your products and your business expectations.

We arrange for any special handling or storage needs and develop standard procedures for our people to follow when they are working with your goods.

Your customer information and product SKU’s are set up in our warehouse management system so we are ready to receive your goods.


We receive your products

A full inspection is performed, with all items counted and examined

Any damage that may have occurred during shipping can be shown to you in realtime using a live video feed


All products are stored safely and securely.

Inventory is managed in realtime, and accessible to you through All‑Can’s WMS portal

Many interactive transactional functions can be executed through the WMS portal


Custom labels or price tags can be created and applied

Inventory can be repackaged to accommodate different destination requirements (e.g. different retailers)

Additional value-added services available on request


Your shipping instructions are followed to the letter

Orders can be processed according to your needs, via email, fax or a more sophisticated EDI (electronic data interchange)

You can place orders directly through the WMS portal


We can negotiate carrier discounts on your behalf

We can use a carrier or courier service that you have a pre-existing relationship with

If desired, a small fleet of our own trucks are available to handle the direct carriage of your goods

Metrics & KPI-S

Our  metrics manager tracks our efficiency for continuous improvement Custom metrics can be set up as required.

Standardized metrics are available through the WMS portal

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High Approval Achieved in Latest Quality Audit November 21 2014

  All-Can Pro Logistics received its highest approval rating of 90 percent in a recent audit of its warehouse facilities by Parmalat Canada. All-Can has been a trusted third party logistics provider to Parmalat Canada for many years, supplying ...


Improving Business Process and Efficiencies with iPads August 30 2014

Why not use iPads in place of forklift mounted computers and/or handheld computer scanners to improve operations and create savings? That question is being answered through a pilot project at All-Can.


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We provide premium Canadian warehousing, fulfillment and distribution solutions that centrally position your inventory within easy reach of three of the most populous regions in Canada.

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